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Get your Bat detectors here now!

The official shop for the Bat Detectors known as the PippyG and the PiPistrelle is now open!

June 27th 2024

Smith robotics Ltd are thrilled to announce that their bat detectors developed by Phil Atkin are now available to buy prebuilt and tested on their online shop shop.smithrobotics.co.uk.

iPistrelle 🦇
The handheld bat detector offers features that can detect and analyse bat calls through automatic scanning, allowing for effortless ‘eyes to the skies’ operations. This detector can be connected to an external speaker, with an audio output over a headphone socket.
With the LEDs on it, you can use it for bat walks as a detector or as a time expansion detector.

PippyG 🦇
This is a more stripped-back version of the PiPistrelle, using a class-compliant USB microphone out of the box. This has the ability to record 384kHz/16-bit waves to a MicroSD card, producing high-quality audio files. The PippyG is powered by 3 AA batteries and has a runtime of 4 to 7 days!

Smith Robotics are at the forefront of the green tech and agri-tech sectors. At Smith Robotics, they focus on helping teams with design, development, and updates of electronics products for a range of industries. Smith Robotics are a professional, agile and innovative developing company. 

To find out more about who Smith Robotics are please see our ‘5 minutes with Smith Robotics Ltd’ 5 Minutes with… Smith Robotics Ltd – Harwell IC (harwell-ic.co.uk)

September 28th 2023

ICURe Funding

ICURe is a 16-week full-time program with up to £35,000 in funding available to help research teams get out of the lab and explore the commercial potential of their research and or their technology, the funding is broken down into two halves. The first 3 months of funding will go […]

August 23rd 2023

CreditNature Secures Major Investment

  CreditNature has signed a pre-commercial agreement to expand its nature fintech platform to enable the creation of a progressive biodiversity credit market in Scotland. The agreement, valued at over £500,000, will finance an intensive one-year programme of further development and market testing. In January 2023 CreditNature’s solution was chosen […]

March 31st 2023

5 minutes with Voltvision Ltd

We sat down with Malcolm Evans and Manoli Yannaghas from Voltvision Ltd for 5 minutes to discuss and explore future plans for their company. We even found out that Malcolm loves the goat curry from DiSH!