Head-to-Head: Bunnyfoot

September 14th 2016

How one of the first Science & Tech companies to join Harwell Innovation Centre grew into one of their biggest.

With previous experience selling mobile phones, Bunnyfoot founder, Dr Jon Dodd, started up the company based on his realisation that the world needed better websites. As a joint venture, Jon combined his academic skills with his business partner’s entrepreneurship to start a website usability and design consultancy, which at the time was quite rare. Bunnyfoot were one of the first companies to move into Harwell Innovation Centre, and have since grown to having a staff of over 50 people, with an impressive range of big-name clients

“Harwell Innovation centre offered us a supportive environment, simple terms at a good price, with, most importantly risk mitigation due to the short contract terms. The flexibility is one of the key advantages. Also, although it sounds trivial, the power of easy parking for staff and customers should not be underestimated.”

Dr Jon Dodd, Founder and CEO at Bunnyfoot

The support here at Harwell Innovation Centre has helped Bunnyfoot grow their business from the ground up, and are proud to have them still on board with us as they’ve progressed. We were here with them for their first steps, and we’ll be with them for their next, as they take on even more ambitious projects including developing their own behavioural research software.

January 11th 2020

Head-to-Head: Future Trees Trust

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November 1st 2019

Head-to-Head: Orbastro

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August 6th 2019

Head-to-Head: Simplexity Analysis

Simplexity Analysis was founded in 2014 by Chris Evett and Thomas Pearson. They were looking to take forward interesting analysis and design projects for a range of technology and government clients, especially those looking to understand the defence and security sector. Chris was a former analyst in the UK Ministry […]